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Frequently Asked Questions...

American Paintball Park is designed to provide a safe fair environment where everyone can have fun. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers in this section of the website. However, if you have any needs or questions not covered, please do not hesitate to contact us at: (925) 565-3118.

Q. Does it hurt when you get hit with a paintball?
A. Everyone has a different definition of "hurt". Generally I equal it to the feeling of a rubber band snap. If you know you are going to get snapped it usually hurts more than if someone sneaks up on you. Same with paintballs. In the middle of a game some players may not even realize that they have been hit. Again everyone has a different level of sensitivity.

Q. I am a beginner, do I have to play with advanced players?
A. Yes and No. The “Walk On” players will play in the “Main Game” and will have all types of players grouped together. The goal of the Main Game is to have fun and be fair for everyone. At times we will separate players by skill and run 2 “Main Games” at the same time. Package and Private games will always be separate from the Main Game unless they request to play with the main game.

Q. Do I need to bring anything to have a great time?
A. First things are a good attitude and a smile, that can get you through most of the day, but here are some other suggestions. Paintball players can get dirty, so wear older thick clothes to play in and bring something to change into at the end of the day, also bring shoes (with ankle support) that you can run in. Sun screen is always good to have and towels to clean off yourself, your equipment and anything else that gets dirty. American Paintball Park has food and drinks for sale, but bringing water and your favorite snacks is a good idea.

Q. Can I bring my own paintballs?
A. Yes but Impact and MidNight paint are NOT ALLOWED at American Paintball Park as well as NO Red, Pink, White or Blue paintball fill. Players can bring their own paint. American Paintball Park does sell a wide range of paintballs at some of the best prices. We guarantee no broken ball in our bags. You can call ahead to see what we have in stock because it is always changing. American Paintball Park reserves the right to pull any paint that is causing harm to other players.