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Welcome To American Paintball Park...

At American Paintball Park we want to offer a total recreational facility for the paintball player. Our staff strives to create a safe and fun atmosphere for everyone. American Paintball Park is a family owned and operated park. We feel playing paintball brings out and creates team work, leadership, risk/reward, decision-making, individual pride and teaches players how to win and lose. At American Paintball Park we are not all about winning and losing but having fun and learning.

*Minimum age for players is 12 years old for walk on play and 10 years old for Private Package play (players 17 and under must have a parent sign American Paintball Park's waiver). Please read a copy of our Player Safety Rules.

**MidNight and Impact paint are NOT ALLOWED at American Paintball Park as well as NO Red, Pink, White or Blue paintball fill. American Paintball Park reserves the right to pull any paint that is causing harm to players.

***No CO2 allowed at American Paintball Park.

Thank you.

Walk ons are welcome and no reservations are not required.
Our Convenient Hours Of Operation Are:
9:00 AM To 4:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday only